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I love getting news from my friends. It's great to hear from someone that I haven't seen and talked to for a while.  I like to know what is going on in their life, and find out how their family is doing. I hope that they look forward to my news, too.

I would like to think that my electronic newsletter recipients  welcome my news, too.  I don't want my newsletter to interrupt their day. I hope that it contains information they can use. I want them to be happy to see an email from me. I don't want them to immediately hit the DELETE key.
The first step in building a successful electronic newsletter is getting a list of email addresses that you can legally use. This month's RoadMap gives you some tips about creating your electronic newsletter recipient list.  Next month, we will discuss some things you can do to create an electronic newsletter that your recipients WANT to read.
Electronic Newsletter RoadMap
Part 1 -- Collecting Email Addresses
Successful organizations stay in touch with their audience. Electronic newsletters do this job very well. They are cost effective and your message is delivered quickly.
When you send an electronic newsletter, you do not waste time creating your message, working with a printer, proofing the final product, waiting for it to be printed, stamping and sorting, attaching postage, waiting in line at the post office and waiting for your message to be delivered.

Before you can send your first Electronic Newsletters there are several things you have to do:


--Collect email addresses from your contacts and get their permission to send them your newsletter

  • Begin collecting email addresses for your contacts several months before you expect to send your first newsletter. When you ask for the email address, get permission from your contact to send them your newsletter via email -- Sending email without permission is SPAM
  • Most Electronic Newsletter Service Providers will not allow you to use purchased email lists.  Don't waste your money buying a list.

--Begin sending Electronic Newsletters as soon as you have email addresses for about 10% of your audience

  • Your contacts know each other and those that get the electronic newsletter often forward it to others who can then opt-in to your email by sending you their email address

--Choose an Electronic Newsletter Service Provider. You will get the tools you need to create a professional looking newsletter

  • Since your electronic newsletter goes to multiple recipients, you cannot send it from your personal email address. If you do, your ISP will think it is SPAM
  • A service provider has tools for you to use that will make tracking your electronic newsletter much easier and more effective
  • The service provider will track everything that happens to every newsletter that is sent out. The service provider will let you know
    • whether the email address is good
    • whether the newsletter was opened
    • whether the recipient clicked on one of your links
    • whether the recipient forwarded the email to someone else
    • whether the person who received the forward signs up to get your emails in the future

SmartSite Technology has used Constant Contact as our Electronic Newsletter Service provider for several years. We have been very happy with their price and service. If you would like to create your own electronic newsletter, please click on this Constant Contact link to sign-up for a 60 day free trial. By using this link you will receive a $30 credit when you become a paying customer. SmartSite Technology will also receive a $30 credit at this time.

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Our goal at SmartSite Technology is to help each of our clients to be a success!! We know that technology is not a core competency for many small business owners and non-profit professionals. We believe that every organization benefits when they automate their business processes. We work closely with each of our clients to help them fine tune the automated processes used in running their business. 
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March, 2008
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Your Tech Tutor Says...
Spend Some Time on the Microsoft Office Website 
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Do you use Microsoft Office in your business?  Most people do, but very few are aware of the wide range of information available to users on the Microsoft website.
Of course, there is a massive knowledge base that is used by technical people to solve problems with Microsoft products. But, there is so much more!!
You will find loads of free things that you can download without worrying about copyright...Clip art, pictures, sounds, templates and more.
You will also find training courses that will show you how to do both basic and advanced tasks with Microsoft Office products.  Since most of us use only about 20% of the features in our software, learning some of these advanced tricks will help you get your work done faster!!
Click on the link to the Microsoft Office website that I have included below and take a few minutes to discover all of the hidden treasures available free to all Microsoft users.
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